Sustainable Open Source

Funding Marijn’s open source work

I am working about half-time on maintenance of open source software, most notably that of CodeMirror, ProseMirror, Tern, and Acorn. Since the existence of a healthy open source ecosystem creates real value for the software industry, I believe it is fair for maintainers and authors of such software to be compensated for their work with real money.

Therefore, I am asking the users of my software, especially those who extract money from their use, to set up a monthly contribution.

receiving 2966 € of 5000 € monthly goal.

If enough people contribute, this resolves the tension between working on open source software and providing an income for my family. I will be able to properly take time for the maintenance work I do, instead of rushing it between “real” (paid) work.

This means issues are addressed more swiftly, more thoroughly, and less grumpily. It means that bigger pieces of work don't get stalled until I find time or someone sponsors the work. And most importantly, it prevents me from burning out on open source.

There are several ways in which you can contribute, all of which will be counted towards the total above. You can contact me to purchase an official support contract. I am also on Patreon. Or you can contribute directly through this website, using a credit card. In the latter case, you can request invoices (billing you for a moral license).

Your credit card information is only sent to Stripe, never to my own server.

(used for invoices and to halt funding)

(ignore this if not in the EU)

If you have a question or want to pay in another way, contact me.

If you are contributing and find yourself reporting an issue in one of my projects that is urgent to you, mention your contribution, and I will prioritize your issue.

That, I should note, is the only thing you are actually buying by funding my work. You do not get power over the direction of the projects, and I do not incur any obligation to funders to explain or justify the way I allocate my time. A significant portion of it will continue to be allocated to work on open source, and I will, as I have in the past, continue to take good care of my projects.

To stop your funding, enter your email address and press . You will receive a confirmation email.